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Newest Release  10/10/09  PolyWop v1.2.66

PolyWop(c) is a CAD Software that will create 2D Polyline graphics for Industrial routers and CNC machines .

   PolyWop(c) was made especially for the Weeke CNC point to point machine and produces .ply format files usable by WoodWop(c), but it will also produce 2D .dxf format files which can be used with other machinery software.

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   PolyWop(c) is simple and intuitive. It possesses an understandable and informative help file, but is simple enough that most will find the help file unneeded. It has powerful graphics manipulation functions and creation tools which take the chore out of creating graphics.

   In evaluation from users on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the best, it has an average rating of  8.4
   User Friendliness - 8
   Appearance         - 9
   Smoothness         - 8.6
   Usefulness          - 8.3
   See the Preview screen shots of PolyWop(c).

   PolyWop(c) is expandable and allows plug-in utilities also published on this site. The Plug-ins are free addendums to the Software and are simple to add to the PolyWop(c) menu. The PolyWop(c) Help File will contain instructions to add in these utilities.  More will be added as time progresses.
   See the Plug-In Page.

The download posted here will allow you 100 uses for evaluation purposes on each computer on which you install it , but will require a passkey for any subsequent uses. Each computer requires a separate registration passkey and license.
  See Registration.

  You may purchase a license to use this software:

      1 - License Package               $500.00
      2 - License Package               $750.00
      3 - License Package               $900.00
 With License you will receive a hardcopy version on a USB Flashdrive that will allow you to use PolyWop on any PC

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Perry Miller is the sole author of PolyWop in it's entirety, and as such maintains exclusive rights to it's ownership, revisions and distributions.